Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Virginia Ham

1. Thinly slice up some slow-cured country ham. Go ahead, pile it up.
2. Slice up some Tillamook cheddar.
3. Heat up the forty-year old waffle iron with the reversible plates (that means the flat sided plates are showing, John)
4. Slice some artisan bread.
5. Pile ham and cheese slices, alternating layers, on a slice of bread. Place second slice of bread on top of teetering mound of ham and cheese.
6. Smear butter on top slice of bread. Melt more butter on now hot bottom plate.
7. Place raw sandwich on hot plate, with buttered slice on top. Lower top of iron down on sandwich.
8. Wait impatiently as the sizzling iron transforms an okay sandwich into a melted, dripping golden brown, gooey delight.
9. Repeat as waistline, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure allow.