Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dancing in the Dark

While wandering around in the Barrio Gotico looking for a restaurant listed in our old Lonely Planet, we came upon a large square in front of an old Baroque cathedral filled with people dancing traditional Catalunyan dances to music played by a small symphony. It was quite delightful, and the very nice symphony volunteers came around collecting money to support the symphony. We got little "symphony supporter" stickers so that volunteers didn't ask again (maybe that would be a nice plan for Concerts in the Park?)(Relatively funny story about how we found the dancing again the next morning after a visit to the Picasso Museum and gave them our next last Euro, not realizing that we needed 2 € each to take the bus along the waterfront to the ship and had to buy Euros from some passers by...). When it was over, we continued our zig zagging through the neighborhood, and finally came to the conclusion that the Talia Tapas, recommended by DJ as being the best choice, had replaced the place recommended by the Lonely Planet. Tired from about 9 hours of walking, we decided to eat there. Well, it was OK, but not worth a photo. DJ is right, it was hard to find good places to eat in Barcelona, without walking for miles.

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