Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beet Greens and Beef

Whole Wheat honey buttermilk bread, fresh fruit, Vally of the Moon Sangiovese, Romaine Salad, and Lemon Garlic Beet Greens with sauteed steak, mushrooms, and onions. 

John is away, there was a leftover rib eye in the frig, along with beets with greens attached. We needed bread, and suddenly I realized that i would be home all day and could make bread!So: used up the aged buttermilk to make honey, buttermilk whole wheat (using the King Arthur unbleached White Whole Wheat flour, mixed with some white and some oatmeal) bread.
Steamed the well-washed beet greens with stems in a pot over medium heat until limp and then drained them, chopped them and drained again. Put some butter and olive oil in the pot with chopped garlic and returned the greens to the pot.
Meanwhile, chopped up onions and mushrooms, sauteed them in olive oil and butter until nearly soft, then added the leftover steak, sliced up, and a touch of red wine.
Stirred a little fresh lemon juice into the greens, put them on the plate and topped with the steak. The sturdy earthy flavor of the greens really went well with the steak, and it all went well with the bread and Valley of the Moon Sangiovese.

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