Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Isn't 19 the drinking age?

Sunday, I had a meeting of the Program Committee at the house at 4 pm for Champagne, blackberries, almonds and a discussion of the performers and events the Arts Council should present next season.
Meanwhile, John set about barbecuing free range organic chicken.
The concert season is looking good, the Nicholas F did not disappoint, and the chicken was fabulous. There was also a tossed green salad, I recall rice, and fresh fruit, and the children joined in enjoying the wines. An entertaining and enjoyable evening all around.

Monday, John brought a couple of new wines home to try, two reds, perhaps he will weigh in with a reminder of what they were, one of which I thought had a terrible "nose" but tasted nice and round, the other a little more austere but good, followed by a Torrontes, an Argentine wine with very floral and somewhat Riesling-like characteristics. These were accompanied by sauteed rockfish, oven-browned (we're using the oven and leaving the lights on like electricity is free again!) potatoes, tossed salad, and fruit. Henry enjoyed the wines, Ren was going out for dessert, so wisely abstained.

Tuesday, the weekly meeting night, I got home a little after 6:30, to find H-man still out and R spending the evening with her young man. John was making burgers, a tossed salad, sublime peaches and fruit salad, and Viognier. It seems H is a fan.

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