Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rockfish in Cava and Caper Sauce

Home alone late, John over at the "Green" Home Show pouring organic and other wine by the buckets for four hours, so dinner alone. As always, cappellini is in order for short order.
The only wine in the house is a split of Codorniu Cava, not chilled, so necessary to get the ice bucket out and fill it with cubes and water for a quick chill.
There's a bit of fresh rockfish, a bit of orange cauliflower (!) a fresh carrot, some salad, and some great croutons.
Put the water on to boil for the noodles, chop up the veggies and start them to gently steaming in another pan. Toss the salad. and put in on the plate. Slice a really good crispy apple.
Lightly flour the rockfish slices, and sautee them over moderate heat in butter with a bit of olive oil. Turn them to the second side and add a goodly spoonfull of drained capers. Squeeze a meyers lemon over it, and splash in some of the Cava, but no too much, leave a little for dinner. Drain the noodles, add a bit a butter, put on the plate, top with the fish. Add a nob of butter to the pan, with a splash more of wine, swizzle it around until it is nice and saucy, and pour over the fish. Fill the champagne flute, take a picture, and chat with friends on line. Delicious.

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Thanesmiths said...

Thanks for the quick dinner idea, Nancy. I used halibut from the freezer, though I would have loved to have had rockfish. The kids gobbled up the halibut, and our 10-year-old packed leftovers for his lunch today. (But they aren't 100 percent sold on capers, and we had to explain how the alcohol in the champagne gets burned off in the cooking process, so they weren't really underage drinkers/eaters - gotta love that drug education program in elementary school!)