Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Linguine that would make a sailor blush

John saw the sign: "King Crab at Auke Bay" so headed out.

A king crab feeds more than a few, so he called in recruits - our friends Candy and Dick with their exchange student Christopher from Denmark. Called some other friends, but they were having king crab at their house already....The way it goes in Alaska.
So he cooked it off (debate: Do you cook it whole and then de-yucky it, or do you tear the shell off, empty the yuck out and then cook. At our house, the latter.) and picked it.

I made a Granny Smith Apple pie and picked up some vanilla ice cream.

John made a dipping sauce, blanched broccoli for an appetizer. Made a big pot of linguine, steamed off some snow peas, fresh carrots, roasted a red pepper and sliced that up to add to the pasta. Made a tossed salad. Wines included Can Feixes and a yummy Chardonnay I can't recall. For some reason, conversation became spiced with language that might seem a bit inappropriate for dinner table including the under-aged and ostensibly lady-like, but there was laughter all around, so perhaps it fit the menu.

At some point, the subject of peanuts came up, don't ask. We happened to have a bag of roasted organic peanuts in the shell from Washington. Although one and all had eaten crab and cream linguine, salad, and apple pie with ice cream, there was something about the saltiness and crunchiness of the peanuts that just hit the spot.

What a night, and so nice to have dinner with friends, it has been a while.

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Hunter said...

"...steamed some snow peas..."
What, did you belittle their stature, call into question their parentage (Mendelsohn lied, ha, ha!)?