Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dinner with the Robertsons

Our good friends asked us over for dinner last night while the two college kids are still in town so we can all see each other. We arrived through the official first day of spring snow storm to an intoxicating aroma. There was a plate of innocent, simple looking little home made cheese crisps. My goodness. Charlotte comes from Charleston area, and her grandmother contributed this recipe to the really wonderful Charleston Receipts, the oldest Junior League Cookbook in print and one I recommend you get even if only for the Ice Box Cheese Wafers. OMG.

I ate quite a few accompanied by Veramonte - a wonderful buttery crisp balance.

There was also a wonderful stew with pearl onions over egg noodles, fresh asparagus (spring!) and a tossed salad, all accompanied by Chasing Venus sauvignon blanc (yes!), and Januik Syrah (*****) and Cabernet Blend (also very good) and finished with an apple crisp and vanilla ice cream. Conversation wended its way to Wii fit, and some of the party wandered off to work off the crisps with a bit of Wii fun, but I note a comment on Facebook about beer and balance problems.

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