Friday, March 27, 2009

so much food, so little time

Poor John is stuck in the hinterlands, first Anchorage, now Fairbanks, due to the volcanic eruptions. So it's me, the cats, the dog, and frig full of food.

Last night I managed to take two hours to get from the bottom of the driveway to the kitchen, high centering myself again, unstucking myself, and then backing down the driveway into the snow berm on the edge of the drive. Thankfully, brother Thad was still in town and available for a tow out. Any way....

Needed something quick and tasty.
Steak salad. It was so good I repeated it tonight.
Pile up some lettuce on a plate and dress with a mustard aioli vinaigrette (Trader Joes aioli).
Slice up left over steak and fan decoratively around the lettuce.
Fan 1/2 an excellent avocado to set next to it.
Carefully slice up some chevre, roll in fine bread crumbs and broil for a couple of minutes. Fan those out around the lettuce.
Top with a dollop of olive tapenade, so handy to have in the frig.
Slice up a terrific yellow mango, perfectly ripe.
Pour a glass of Malbec.

Tonight's version involved slicing the less done end of the flank steak, salting and peppering well, and sauteeing in butter, and a less perfect mango with strawberries.

I'm a fan.

Tonight's wine was Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc, just a glass, and the remainder of a nice Italian.

At the store the other day, saw a new brand of ice cream: Stoneridge Creamery. Got some vanilla, and did a taste comparison between it and Haagen Daz vanilla. Haagen Daz. I mean, I'll finish the Stoneridge. But I'll buy the Haagen Daz again.

And THEN! tucked in the garage door, the mailman delivered an incredibly aromatic package filled with fresh lemons and rosemary. The house smells divine! I am feeling some lemon/rosemary shortbread or poundcake coming on....I'll keep you posted.

There is nothing like eating well.

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