Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick, Quick, Slow, dinner in the time it takes to cook noodles

Here's what you need:
Have in the frig some green salad all washed with carrots, sprouts, roasted red peppers, Greek olives all made by Abby's Kitchen for the backstage refreshments for the concert on Tuesday.
Also have some delectable, freshly smoked, wonderful king salmon made by Pete, and brought by his wife on Sunday and if she thought we were sharing it at dinner, just forget that.
Some organic heavy cream because the bad things hide in the fat so always buy organic butter and cream.
A bunch of green onions.
1/2 of an acorn squash roasted last night with a bit of butter.
A perfect pear.
Fettucine noodles.
A nice bottle of wine, in this case, Achaval Ferrer Malbec 2008 Mendoza, Argentina.

1) Race out to walk the dog in the howling wind and rain, gosh isn't this weather swell. Accuweather says the temperature is 35° F but feels like 11°F. Remind me why we live here.
2) Dash in and clean the kitchen from last night when you were too tired to do so.
3) Run upstairs and clean the bathroom, which you haven't been able to get to in days.
4) Build a fire, because you know that the 60 mph winds with sleet are going to take out some power pole somewhere.
5) Put the water on to boil for the noodles. Note that the box says a serving size of fettucine is 2 ounces, but discard that information as probably wrong. It's coming on winter, we need to bulk up. Once the water boils put the noodles in to cook. While that is going on:
6) Wash and slice up the green onions.
7) Pull the acorn squash out of its shell and cut into largish chunks.
8) Unwrap the fish and try not to eat the entire piece this minute.
9) Put a pot on medium heat with a lump of butter, when melted and bubbly, add the green onions, stir around, and add the squash chunks. Add what's left of the salmon. Stir around gently.
10) Add a goodly dollop of heavy cream and begin to reduce it.
11) About this time the noodles will be done, so strain them, reserving a little bit of the pasta water, and add to the salmon and squash mix. It might need more cream. A shaving of Parmesan cheese is nice, and if the waiter comes by to ask if you need freshly ground pepper, say yes.
Toss gently to mix and put on the plate that already somewhere back there has the salad, dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar added to it.
Pour a nice glass of the wine, sit down, and relax. The weather outside is frightful, but we've got no place to go, so let it snow....or sleet, or downpour....

It's OK to read at the table when there is no one else there, so Travis McGee joined me. Haven't seen him in a while, so good to get reacquainted.

ps The box was right, a serving size is 2 ounces. Lunch tomorrow....

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