Sunday, November 22, 2009

Right away to the Doormouse in the Teapot

Arrived in Paris about 8 pm, and managed to find our hotel, in spite of having to clamber over the turnstile in the subway late in the evening. We were right next to the Tour Eiffel, beautiful in the light at night.

The next day we meandered our way toward the Marais so that lunch could be at the Le Loir dans la Theiere, our fave from the last time we were here. It was crowded as usual, and we shared a table with a lady from Poland and her daughter-in-law, who also seemed to know of the place from previous visits.

John had beef and pomme frites with Bearnaise, amazingly good, and I had an exquisite tart with epinards and a goat cheese on top. Luckily they were out of the tarte limon. The Polish ladies had a Baba instead, which was substantial. We told them not to be disappointed, the tart limon was overwhelming too.

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