Monday, August 4, 2008

Lamb enchanted evening

Long overdue, a dinner with our friends Tony & Lori, and the Andy of Wednesday Nights Party in My Pants Party at the Viking fame, where last week they had a Big Lebowski party.

I was on house-cleaning, dessert, bread, and dressing the salad. John was on flying back from Ketchikan, lamb, green beans, and wild rice.

I got the house clean, a monumental accomplishment given the house fly infestation (apparently they are nesting in our ferns, which now live outside until I have time to repot them), made plum sorbet, a little tarter than hoped, and baked off some of the current cookies, a little darker than hoped, but still acceptable. I resurrected the sourdough starter the other day, and so made some nice fluffy sourdough bread.

John griledl the lamb roast (perfectly), made a wild rice/quinoa mix, steamed the green beans, and assembled a salad, which I tossed with the fresh olive oil our guests from Provence made, balsamic vinegar, some basil and salt and pepper.

Conversation remained mostly inbounds, at some point the gentlemen and Ren retired to the rumpus room to watch Big Lebowski, which Tony had not yet seen, and Lori and I discussed life, the universe and technology.

Tony planned to stop at the video store on the way home and procure his own copy of the movie.

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"...three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax."