Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From the sublime to the ridiculous

Monday night, John procured fresh winter king salmon, in my opinion, the very best salmon there is. Worth flying to Alaska in the winter to have, if you never have had it. I digress.

I got home a bit late, needed to be in the kitchen too, to prepare the Breakfast Strata for yesterday's Champagne Breakfast. He was preparing the grill, had beets roasting in the oven, a tossed green salad, some steamed fresh broccoli, a plate of navel oranges and apples, and some inexplicable lump shapes in the oven.

"Shhh", he said. "Ren requested Dino Nuggets, so I got some for her."

Dino Nuggets, Costco at its finest. Dinosaur shaped breaded chicken chunks. Yum.