Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to handle a woman

Big whoop-dee-doo concert last night for the Arts Council: James "Superharp" Cotton, sold out (900 seats), phones ringing all day, in early, working until way late, no time to eat. Fabulous music, great shoes, feet hurt.

Ren and John helped raise $1300 in additional contributions, Ren is the "membership whore", her words not mine. Whatever---it works!

Came home late, around 10:30, John had a bubble bath, some Scharffenberger on ice, and some fresh spot prawns ready to go with capellini.
This works for me.

These shoes are not the shoes I was wearing, I was wearing my favorite Fluevogs which are sort of high-heeled running shoes, but they helped bring in the bucks - new members and up-grading members got a chance for a $75 gift certificate at the Shoefly store, of Sarah Palin fame.
This also works for me.

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