Monday, January 26, 2009

With chili: beer or wine?

Sunday we invited all the Hit The JACC Putt hole builders over for chili.

We had a contest where the golfers voted on their favorite hole in our fundraising miniature golf event over the holidays, and the winning hole building team was to win a $100 gift certificate to the Island Pub. Awkwardly, the hole my team made (the Airport, see Jan 11) won. It felt wrong to have my team win and get the prize, and plus, it seemed to me the whole group really deserved to win - we netted $3000 on that event! So we invited the whole crew over for dinner.

Chili for a Crowd from the Silver Palate Cookbook, a terrific recipe when you aren't sure how many gajillions to expect, it makes enought for 35 - 40 and freezes well, so you have dinners ahead. Edna Lewis's all-cornmeal cornbread. Rice. A big tossed green salad. Fiddlehead Cookbook brownies with Valhrona chocolate. Mom's English Toffee. Told folks to bring stuff to match the menu, as they saw fit.

Beer. Folks brought 6-packs. Some brought wine, some brought bread, some brought chocolate items. More brought beer. Luckily, John had laid in some wine too. I think the line up of bottles indicates that wine is now the choice with chili.

Sadly, it was also a farewell to our new friends Karen (who worked as the booking manager at the JACC ) and Alan, headed off to Washington DC, another statistic in the loss of journalism jobs. They are responsible for the beautiful paint job on the Airport hole.

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