Monday, March 10, 2008

Chocolate CHIP ice cream

Aunt Martha - this one's for you. We had the best ice cream ever tonight. Vanilla + real little chocolate chips. I've never had anything that tasted so pure and delicious.
During the winter our CSA doesn't deliver any produce. We usually go to a little grocery store called Sigona's, or better known as Begonia's in our family, to pick up our fruit and vegetables. It's a family-run store and they carry a lot of locally grown produce, which we like.
They also have a little freezer section with ice cream. Most of the ice cream is packed in little white containers from a local shop called Marianne's in Santa Cruz. They have all sorts of interesting flavors including ginger and I can't remember the others. I went for something tame and boy was it good.
Next time you come up to visit, we'll have to go there!

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