Monday, March 24, 2008

Ham of God

Probably going to roast in hell for this (is hell capitalized? Hell?) but for Easter weekend, I worked on the taxes. Saturday all day, getting the bookkeeping caught up and figuring out how much the forged checks ran to, then Sunday all day doing first the kids' taxes and then chipping away at ours, since WE WILL BE IN FRANCE when tax day is.

Often, Easter dinner is at our house, but this year, no way. Luckily, Saturday, Lynn got back from Spokane and called to see if we'd like to come for Easter dinner? YOU BET. (the photo is of Easter Past. Obviously Lynn is thinking about a better Easter to come....)

They got a Jerry's ham, and soaked it over night, and then went straight for the traditional Easter ham dinner with a sweet honey glaze, scalloped potatoes (scalped ham and potatoes is the family term in Lynn's house), the fabulous no-knead bread, fresh asparagus and hollandaise, and the Nordstrom's salad with champagne vinaigrette, pears, candied waluts, red peppers, and greens. Of course some deviled eggs as appetizers. (YES!). We slaved over a hot stove chilling a bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte champagne, and life is good, spring is coming, the evenings are lighter, and holy cow there's Honey Cheesecake with raspberry sauce and ganache!

Life is good.

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Hunter said...

Deviled eggs, umm. Whenever I am in Virginia and the family is hosting a gathering, they make up a second platter, primarily for me. They are called Devil-ed eggs for a reason.