Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back for more, and more takes on new meaning

We went back to Shakespeare and Company, a bookstore well worth the visit, (I actually read Bleak House on the way over and then read the Julia Child book about her life in France on the way back, I think Martha recommended that, and heartily agree!) and then decided to go back to our favorite restaurant, Le Loir dans la Thiere. This time, John ordered a lamb stew which was absolutely incredible, to die for stew. I had a yummy spinachy thing and we can't recall what Ren had, but she loved it. I had strolled past the dessert table on my way back to the restrooms (true test of a restaurant: how are the restrooms? These are EXCELLENT) and spied an apple tart that looked pretty good. So when the waiter suggested dessert, we were in! But John asked her what she recommended, she said the tarte citron was their specialty.

Two things you need to know:
1) John does not like meringue
2) The first time we were here, the dessert table had a meringue pie dessert that topped all Greek diner meringues in height and voluptuousness.

You know what the end of the story is: He order the tarte citron. We got the meringue to the sky. Yes, the citron part was fabulous. The meringue was the most velvety smooth and silky, and tallest, meringue ever. If you were ever going to like a meringue, this would be it. Three of us were unable to finish it.

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