Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our favorite place

John was at Rotary, Ren was studying, I had the day to get my hair cut and mosey around on my own. Rambled through the drizzle into the Marais, into the Jewish and gay section, got peckish, and tried to eat at the Jewish deli there, but it was packed, saw something that looked cute and smelled good, so opened the door to discover it was packed and had a line. Noted the address (3 Rue de Rosier) and followed some other disappointed folks around the corner to a Dome that looked kind of OK. But not really. The menu included Croque Madames, which I didn't know what was, but know I like croque monsieurs, so decided to try it. Hmmm, comes with a sunnyside egg on top. Not fond of sunny side eggs, and the salad was a little wilted. Oh well.

However, the next day, I was able to convince the team to go back to 3 Rue de Rosier with me. What a find! Cozy funky theatrical place with old armchairs, movie posters, and a friendly atmosphere.
John had lentils & sausage - wonderful, Ren chose linguine (how to pronounce linguine in French?) with a lemon sauce - delicate and delicious, and I had a spinach and Camembert tart - so good.

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