Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ren and James found a wonderful Tapas bar, les Piétons tapas bar, in the Marias near Les Halles and Ren wanted to go there. The first night we went, they were crammed full, so we made a reservation for the next night and asked for a recommendation for another place in the neighborhood (a strategy that worked in Copenhagen) and were referred around the corner to an odd spaghetti place, in fact called Curieux Spaghetti Bar, designed particularly to make the older folks in the group feel older, and where John had possibly the worst beer. Something called blonde or white beer. Don't have that. It is nasty.

Ren and John shared a big pot of spaghetti and meat balls, and I had excellent mushroom risotto.

The next night, Tapas! Delicious, fun, great waiter, bring us more! and more!

Ren had the last bite.

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Hunter said...

So John didn't like a blonde...?