Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eating in and liking it

Oddly, our daughter preferred to eat in while we were in Paris. This was somewhat disappointing, since John and I eat in a lot at home, and would enjoy the opportunity to eat out in a city filled with good eating out places. However, Paris is also filled with good eating in options: Picards. Monoprix. The French have perfected frozen food! I am moving to Paris and never cooking again!
We were staying in a little apartment, nicely appointed with lovely china, an eentsy kitchen with all the essentials, and very nice large wine glasses, so eating in was pleasant, as was the opportunity to just sit and chat with each other. (And so nice that Paris has little street crime so not too much of a worry for Ren to go home late alone! Even if we did live just around the corner from one of the historic "ladies of the night" sections of town. my gracious.)
So one night it was noodles and fruit from Monoprix, and one night it was moussaka from Picards. Amazing.

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