Monday, September 8, 2008

Chicken and bread

Nipped out yesterday morning to pick the last of the raspberries (before the neighborhood folks got them....and before the torrential rain) and made a little batch of jam, which came out better than the last batch, made granola, and made sourdough bread. All before lunch. Had to sit down for the rest of the day...did get started on the thanksgiving in NC project though.

So John made oven fried chicken, a big green salad, squash, and fruit to go with the fresh bread, it was our favorite Veramonte again, a hot bath, and Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle. We did briefly violate the Palin-Free zone, but retraced our steps and got back onto digestible topics to finish the meal.

It was, weatherwise, so nasty, that the bouncy Coco, all I-Want-To-Go-For-A-Walk-Bounce-Bounce, went out tail up and full of vim, took a pee and turned right around and wanted to go back immediately. Fall is in the air, and is in liquid form.

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