Monday, September 8, 2008

Eating for the Boy Scouts

Good, and generous, friends who are active with the local Boy Scouts, gave us tickets for the annual fundraising dinner up on Mt. Roberts Tram in the Timberline. We enjoyed lots of visiting, wine, a stuffed pork roast, and bidding on items. Holy cats, they make almost $25,000 on their auction! I came home with a lamp, a walking stick, and a scholarship for a scout to go to camp.

PS Read about Yelp in the NYTimes yesterday. What a handy site! Although why someone recommends the Glory Hole (our local soup kitchen) as a place to eat in Juneau is a mystery. Do you supposed they didn't realize? The local community group cooking for the day can be very proud! Surely the "free" part would have given it away? or is this backwards day, and one means the opposite of what one says?

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