Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dinnertime: A Palin-free zone

Last night was the night before school starts and the night before Ren returns to Smith for her senior year. We invited Uncle Thad and Aunt Lynn (the local French teacher) and James over for pizza. Homemade crust, one with sausage and mushrooms (a tiny corner mushroom-free for the anti-mushroom contingent) and the other with fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, and black olives. Lots of cheese. There was a big green salad and fresh mango, nectarine, and grape salad. Souverain merlot.

About half-way through we declared dinnertime a Palin-free zone, and will maintain that through November.

Relaxing afterward, Lynn treated Pinot Noir to a thorough brushing, and no doubt had to go home and de-furr herself.

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