Monday, May 26, 2008

Negronis & Salad & Rock Slides

John went to Argentina on a business trip and was introduced to the Negroni, a cocktail made of equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, stirred with ice and served with an orange slice in a nice big Martini glass. Varying reports from "I hate Campari" to "What is that awful taste" to "Count Negroni has changed my life."

Juneau is enjoying spectacular weather this past couple of days, so yesterday John and I tried our hand at concocting some Negronis and sat out on the deck enjoying the evening prior to the Hot Tuna concert. Refreshing they were (the Negronis, that is). At the time I thought they would benefit from a bit of ice and perhaps would be good with soda....and indeed, cleaning the bar this morning I found the old Mr. Boston's and lo and behold, Negronis come straight up in old fashioned glasses or in high balls, over ice with soda. I have to say, Gin & tonic is all very well and good, but I think I've found a new summer favorite.

Today John has been abed with some horrible cold, and I've been cleaning the house in anticipation of Ren coming home, so about cocktail hour, I tried the club soda version, sat out with Coco on the deck watching the world go by, quite happily I must say. Roused myself to go make a little supper for Henry and myself:
Breaded and sauteed chicken breasts with a light lemon butter, with a spinach, red onion, hardboiled egg, and marinated fresh mushroom salad. Of course some fresh fruit (the rest of the orange, some kiwi, and mango).

Henry noticed the fresh bottle of gin on the counter and got interested, so he had a Negroni soda version too. I think he liked it. I had a little white wine (Norton Torrontes) to round it out, and finished with a dish of vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips and walnuts.

John managed to join us for a little bowl of avgolemono soup, which exhausted him and he went straight back to bed.

Not to worry about the hillside sloughing off in our back yard last night about 4:20 am, blocking the Dan Moller trail and looking like impending doom yet to come. We lived in the avalanche zone for years! How ironic that now we are in the path of a hillside failure.

Another Negroni? If we look out over the water, we won't notice the hill or lack thereof.

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