Thursday, May 1, 2008

Last Lunch

Ren babysits for a charming little boy near her home in the 17th. Monday evening, she was to take care of him a bit, and then we were going to have dinner, so John went along and had aperitifs in a cafe around the corner. Moseying around the neighborhood waiting for her, he found a restaurant that looked sleek and elegant and like a place we needed to try, so the next day, our last in Paris, we trundled off in that direction. Found it, and indeed it looked sleek and elegant, but alas, no one seemed to be eating in it. Bad sign. We had noticed a little hole in the wall sort of place a block or so back, so went back. Full of folks, smelled great. In we went. Decor a bit like the Silverbow here: a little of this and a little of that on the walls. Aha! named Le Puce (the flea market). The menu was a little obscure for us, unusual, because usually we are good in the culinary French dept. The people at the table next to us were served a terrific looking & smelling salad, so Ren had whatever they had. John ordered a salad of roasted peppers and stuff, and just for me, also ordered a mushroom dish. I ordered roulades of courgette with mixture of chevre and herbs, actually an appetizer so the waitress doubled the order. A nice white wine. Oh wow! The roulades were delicate and delicious, the salad phenomenal, but the MUSHROOMS! Served in a basket made of melted Parmesan cheese, lightly breaded perhaps, and sauteed up, to die for. If you are going, we'll try to find the address.

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Hunter said...

Ren, you look cannot find the words to match the perfect timing of that photo.
Nice one Nancy.