Thursday, May 15, 2008

What not to move from Juneau

Saturday, an action-packed day, including presenting the case before the city Finance Committee for funding the Arts Council, an activity guaranteed to cause a gag-reflex, and Birthday dinner! Fresh winter king salmon, grilled, with a lovely white wine, and then off to the Symphony's Artful Instrument Dessert Auction, where we saved ourselves about $1000 by not being the winning bidders on a fabulously painted violin done by local iconographer Charles Rohrbacher, and where, perhaps it was the wine, but I had fun dancing, until my dancing partner insisted on going home.

So the one reason to stay in Juneau (or at least Alaska): Fresh Winter King Salmon. Where else could we get such fish?

(to the right: Jim Fowler's Demonic Cello. We didn't win that one either)

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