Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day.

Sunday, weather-wise, was OK, in fact down-right not bad for Juneau. I spent the day with a rake and some pruning shears uncovering the garden and fluffing it up. Lost the mint, lost a lot of primroses, lost the dicentra. All the more reason to head to the garden store for provisions. Meanwhile, John prepared a fabulous Mother's Day dinner, with Nicholas Feuillatte in a chilled flute to start, then Charlene's Salad (fry up some bacon in olive oil with garlic and walnuts, and pour over romaine that has chevre liberally sprinkled on it and lemon juice and toss it all vigorously and sit right down immediately to eat it) then grilled Filet Mignon and some fresh veggies. The red wine was excellent, Redemption Zinfandel. Then we called Thad and Lynn to come up for ice cream with blackberries and chocolate sauce.

Looking forward to having the kids back home soon.

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