Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Picnics in the parking lot

The sunny weather continued yesterday and so we sent out the call: Hotdogs in the JACC parking lot at noonish! Members of the original Parking Lot Picnic Team, Cathy Thomas (thankfully able to bring her table top grill, since the one I bought wasn't put together yet and proved a challenge for the three capable folks trying to assemble it quickly) and Helena Fagen turned up, Andy Kline and Jeff Brown drove all the way from KTOO to the JACC backyard lot in Andy's hot red Miata convertible, top down of course, Kari and Karen set the table and chairs up, Leonard came, Jeanine and Christina, Madeleine arrived, Albert joined in, Karen's husband Alan and their dog Maple came, Jeff's daughter Callie showed up with her yearbook (last day of school today!) and a friend, Rosemarie came, Coco joined us. For a spontaneous event it was OK! We had Alaska Reindeer sausages, ballpark franks (with sauerkraut!), tofu burgers, chicken dogs, potato salad, chips, more chips, salsa, Dove Bar mini ice creams, rum balls, chocolates, blood orange soda, cookies, mini-donuts, watermelon.

We all felt very Continental sitting under the tree around the table chatting and eating.

Agreed, we need a flag to run up the pole when it's Picnic Day, because these days can't be counted on and they really have to be pretty impromptu. So: Sunny Day? head over to 350 Whittier around noon....the grills are standing by!

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