Saturday, February 2, 2008

Chicken Piccata - Isn't technology FUN?

Dinner on my own again, John is still in Ketchikan for their Wearable Arts Show, which, by the way, is worth making a visit to Alaska in February for: You stay at the Cape Fox in Ketchikan and help John pour wine and have a heck of a good time, then you come to Juneau the next weekend and stay with us, and go to our Wearable Art show, stay tuned for photos.

Anyway. Approach it this way: First cut up the very delicious blood orange into thin slices, then one half a mango, then a perfectly ripe banana. Layer these together in a nice glass: Fruit Cup Parfait. Then. Prepare some really good broccoli (I realize Bush the Elder would find this a contradiction in terms) for steaming and put some of the vat o' rice in the micro ready to reheat. Next. Chop some parsley and get the Costco sized jar of capers, which in spite its size managed to hide, out of the frig. Then. Make a salad dressed with red wine vinegar, finely grated lemon rind & Parmesan cheese
olive oil kosher salt and roughly ground pepper. Now. Bone out the chicken breasts (always get bone in, then you can make good soup later, two meals for the price of one) and lay them between two pieces of plastic or wax paper, and pound them thin. Heat a nice bit of butter and some peanut oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Dip in beaten egg and bread crumbs. Give the left over beaten eggs to the dog. Saute in the hot butter/oil, (the breaded chicken, not the dog) lightly salting each side. Get the broccoli steaming and reheat the rice. Put the rice on the plate, and put one of the chicken breasts on top of that, and put the other one aside for tomorrow. Deglaze the pan with fresh lemon juice, a good slosh of the Lindemans Sauvignon Blanc that accompanied the cook in the kitchen, throw in the chopped parsley and a nice big spoonful of drained capers, and a generous lump of butter. Shake the pan until all saucy-like and pour over the chicken breast. Pull the broccoli off the stove, drain, and arrange on the plate. Light the candles. Run get the new cell phone to TAKE A PHOTO! Put Tarika on the stereo. A toast to all of you! I wish you were here.

Next, we need that new Apple Air made into cabinet doors, so we can use the computer in the kitchen!

Off for a lavender bath. It's going to be a long week.

Wow, the mango is exquisite. The other fruit is too, but wow, the mango.


Cuzzin"M" said...

I am so impressed that you made such a beautiful meal for yourself!
I wish I was closer to have shared your delicious dinner and company.
As you know from earlier entries, it's cookies and/or Grape-Nuts when Chuck isn't home...

Nancy DeCherney said...

I wish you were closer too! You could bring the cookies!