Friday, February 1, 2008

Chicken Spezzat

Another long day, and the wonderful husband made something wonderful he called "Chicken Spezzat", morsels of chicken breast lightly floured, then sauteed and cooked with sweet peppers and onions, a bit of spiciness, in wine, served over rice. There used to be, in fact may still be, a little old Italian Restaurant that served the most delicious stew call "Veal Spezzat" and it was that sort of slightly outdated, darkish, comfortable, friendly neighborhood restaurant where you could go as a family, all by yourself, or with someone special, in Wilmington. (Anyone want to open one of those with me?) John's chicken version was just as good.

Served with remarkably sweet and tasty broccoli, from The Box, a garlicky green salad, and nearly orgasmic oranges also from The Box. Blood oranges and another very spicy sweet kind. It's bad when we sit at the table moaning over oranges!

Served with Cartlidge & Browne Pinot Noir & Rioha Vega Rioja. Of the two I preferred the Pinot Noir. The Rioja seemed to have a saltiness to it, the pinot more fruity and round.

John is off to Ketchikan for their annual Wearable Art Show, and he left a big vat of prepared stuff, knowing I'm at work until 10:30ish tonight. Whatta guy.

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