Monday, February 18, 2008

Veal Chops and Shepherd's Pie

Not in the same evening, of course.

John found veal chops unbelievably enough, marked down even. He sauteed them nicely, put some mushroomy sauce over, and we had salad and fruit. Enough leftover for.....

Shepherd's Pie last night made from all the baby animals, lamb & veal. Good friends over for dinner after safely and successfully seeing the Flamenco Vivo troupe off on the airplane. Whew! Delicious! there was Marques de Caceres in their honor, and Lindemans Reserve Shiraz, and lots of conversations about movies we liked (Rear Window, Grace Kelly is gorgeous, it all started by trying to describe someone as being like the principal in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which was filmed in our friends community, but perhaps the likening is not really a complimentary description) which led to discussion of Mad Magazine and what a swell publication that was in the day, even though John's dad opposed it (wasn't that the whole idea?) and can be still pretty funny.

A lovely evening topped off by a little walk with the dog and a hot bath.

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