Friday, February 15, 2008

Good Cod! Great Rack!

Fresh, tender, moist, lightly breaded and fried in butter with a squeeze of lemon, parsley and capers, over quinoa and rice. Fresh green salad, the exquisite blood oranges, was it Argiolas? I think that was Monday.

Was the chicken on Tuesday?

Wednesday we worked a 50th birthday for a friend (she had a fundraising wine tasting and silent auction to benefit Cancer Connection, in our facility), came home late and had leftovers. I had a dish of comfort ice cream too. There was wine.

Valentine's Day is Lamb for sure. A perfectly done rack of lamb cooked "simply" in some wonderful red winey and herbed sauce, risotto, snap peas with many mushrooms, Romaine salad. blood oranges, and really good apples and pears. A variety of red wines. Lamentations about the state of the world and some particular events during the day, the names will not be mentioned to protect the innocent. Oh My! Lynn blew through with two molten chocolate cakes! Incredible.

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