Sunday, February 10, 2008

Midnight snack

Heavy snow, high wind warnings. All flights to and from Juneau canceled. Juneau Arts & Humanities major fund raiser for the year scheduled for the evening. Carrying stuff across the parking lot from the Arts & Culture Center to the Centennial Hall where it is held required driving the 100 yards. Maybe we'll be shut down by the Fire Dept for inadequate egress due to drifting snow blocking doors and sidewalks. Maybe no one will show, it is too dangerous to be driving.

Miraculously, it all came together, John made it back from Sitka in time for Act II of the Wearable Art Show and went home about 11 to make some form of meal for us: Two slightly freezer burned hamburger patties (left from the off to college BBQ in August?)made cheeseburgers, some crispy oven fired Yukon Golds, a tossed salad, and some Jaja. Also an Advil.

To bed and now back up and rejuvenated for the second show this afternoon. Still snowing with heavy snow warnings still in effect. But it's fluffy and easy for the Mini to just blast through. I hope.

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