Friday, February 8, 2008


An unexpected flight delay gives me the time to answer Alec's question.

I have never actually used one of the tumblers but they are selling a lot of them so there are a bunch of folks out there who don't seem to care.

My guess is that unless you are constantly holding the glass in the palm of your hand and drinking white wine that no having a stem would not make any difference. The stemless glass was discussed at length at one of our staff meetings and it was a little on the controversial side. One person likened it to "drinking out of mason jars" but the boss, who is seldom wrong, differed.

I don't believe they can be machine washed but if you have little kids and dogs running around they might save you a broken glass or two.

Nancy and I have both had busy weeks so we had two fall back position meals. Last Sunday I ran into an old friend of mine at the Ketchikan airport and he gave me some of his homemade sausage. It's very good so on Wednesday we had the dad special of "empty fridge, mix with noodles, cover with cheese and bake".

Last night we had the other dad special of try to empty all of the little jars, mix, pour on chicken and bake. The last version included, cherry bbq sauce, pumpkin butter, oyster sauce, mustard, Thai chili paste and tomato sauce left over from the "mix with noodles and bake" evening. Serve with over roasted potatoes.


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