Friday, February 15, 2008

Popcorn & Beer

The doctor my mother had when she was pregnant with my brother told her that beer and popcorn are a perfectly balanced meal. Handy information.

John is off at a Rotary Wine Tasting/fundraiser tonight, I have been completely worried and stressing about the Flamenco Dance event coming on Sunday, worked late tonight getting the Hall set up for a children's fundraising (do we do anything else but fundraisers?) concert tomorrow, so came home, walked the dog, put on my big fuzzy bathrobe and big fuzzy slippers, and had popcorn (cooked over medium heat in a heavy metal pot, then finished with a drizzle of butter, salt and some butterkase) and a beer in a frosted glass (Birra Moretti, not much of a head, but pleasantly bitter and refreshing) with a honeysweet Bosc pear and Carla Cook on the stereo.

Off to read Plato and the Platypus. Maybe I'll sleep tonight.

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