Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Steak Salad

John had a wine tasting last night at a local establishment that shall go nameless. I got home late, like 7:45. This calls for a candidate for the On-the-table-in-5-minutes cookbook: Steak Salad. Accomplished quickly only because a) we had left over flank steak, b) John made some yummy Basil Creamy salad dressing, c) the lettuce was already washed and ready, d) we had a little lump of Italian gorgonzola that needed to be eaten e) it is not too hard to slice up blood oranges and kiwi f) the wine was already open. Pile the lettuce on the plate. Put a dollop of dressing on the lettuce. Arrange thin slices of beef decoratively around the lettuce. Slice a few cherry tomatoes and scatter them about. Crumble up the Gorgonzola over the whole, lightly salt and yes I would like some freshly ground black pepper please. Put the fruit in a nice glass dish.

Tasty repast, and easy to make one extra and put it in the frig for John when he gets home from these events where oddly for what one thinks of as the hospitality business, he never gets fed. I know why we don't eat out often in Juneau. Just eat home. You should come by.

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