Saturday, December 8, 2007

Angel Hair

Got home at 11:30 last night after a long day (Gallery Walk is a BIG DEAL in Juneau, and we followed it with a "Rent Party" to help us make the rent for the new Arts & Culture Center: We did make goal of $1000, which certainly helps). John was rhapsodizing with Hunter in Ketchikan about hot fudge sundaes over lovely bottles of wine as noted in the comments posted earlier, so I was on my own to forage for dinner. (No that was the other night. Last night he was in Sitka, doing a winetasting!)

Had to be simple, fast, and comforting. Luckily, we had cream. Angel Hair takes 2 minutes to cook. In the meantime, melt butter with garlic and green onion, microwave some of those swell little French green beans, microplane a big pile of Parmesan. Add cream to the garlic butter, hike up the heat to reduce it, drain the pasta but not completely, and stir it into the cream. Toss in the cheese. Pleasantly arrange the haricots verte sur the plate, and dish up the pasta. Top with a decoratively flavorful grinding of fresh pepper, and light the candle.

Dang. Not a drop of wine in the house! Not a single drop!

Oh well, counted the money from the evening, went to bed and slept well.

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