Sunday, December 30, 2007

Duck soup!

We have had a helluva two weeks - 100-year old grandmother passing away, Natalie cold/cough/fever and just in - pink eye! At one point we went straight from the cemetary to the urgent care clinic, now that's fun! Anyone want to come for a late night shift? I hate to admit it but we've had both In-n-Out and McDonalds in the past few days.

Yesterday we went to the Chinese grocery store to stock up on some supplies like hoisin sauce, bean sauce, fresh noodles and vegetables. Based on how much you spend there, the grocery store gives you coupons for their deli section. In that section, they have roast duck, roast chicken, bbq pork, and bunch of other foods that you'd have to see to believe. We picked up half a roast duck.

For dinner, we had some egg noodles in duck broth with mung beans and the Chinese variation of romaine lettuce. It was some of the tastiest roast duck ever. Or maybe it's just that there is no comparison between a McDonald's Big Mac and roast duck. Achoo!


Nancy DeCherney said...

Our sympathies on all fronts. So sorry to hear you have lost your grandmother. A person so venerable, she must have lead a full and fascinating life.

And yes, the e-room...used to be for Henry's first 2 years, we'd come in and they'd say "Oh here's Henry! Get the cool bath ready." It was home away from home some days. So you have our sympathy on that front too.

And sorry you had to be eating Mcdonalds and in and out whatever that is!

Ali and Shaz said...

Thanks Nancy. Yes, we are all sorry about the loss of my grandmother. But Alec was not so sorry about having to eat McDonalds and In-n-Out.

Auntie"M" said...

Just catching up on the blog...don't ever be embarrassed by eating an "In and Out"!
Did Natalie have one of their milkshakes...they always help me feel better!