Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Bill Bryson dinner

There is an essay by Bill Bryson where he has been enduring some kind of very awful and stressful travel and he is so looking forward to being home and really really wants steak and when his wife picks him up at the airport she's prepared tofu or something. He ends up banging his head on the dashboard moaning "I wanted steak, I wanted steak". I may have this all wrong, and John will correct me.
But last night I had endured some form of stressful daily travel and came home to find John frying up some rib eyes. Dang they were good. Big stack of mushrooms and onions on top, some rice, and a big bowl of garlicky spinach cooked in the very special Italian olive oil, with also a tossed salad.
I wanted steak! I wanted steak!

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