Monday, December 10, 2007


We had burgers last night for dinner. It'd been a really busy weekend and while we were desperate to eat dinner, neither of us had the energy to made anything too complex.

I had just been to Whole Foods with Natalie to pick up a few things. Namely, baby food for her! She'll soon get a mention on this blog as she starts eating. So far, it's only been rice cereal but we have exciting foods in store this week - sweet potatoes, carrots and peas!

I took a pound of ground beef and mixed in an egg, some powdered garlic, onion and salt and pepper. I know the Alaskan DeCherney's are vehemently opposed to powdered anything but I have to make a case for convenience. And at least we don't use it all the time - we typically chop up and add in the real thing - just not last night. I formed the meat into patties and cooked them in pan.

I also saw some really yummy looking brioche buns at the store. I warmed them up in the oven. Sliced some sort of goat cheese gouda. And took the spinach salad out of the to-go box and mixed it up with balsamic dressing.

Dinner turned out to be a bit of an upscale burger. I like to imagine that if it were on a restaurant menu, it would be described fancy pants as Cheeseburger on a Brioche bun. Anyways, the burger was tender but the buns were way too big for the patties.

We ate dinner on the couch while catching up on our Gilmore Girls reruns and watching the baby monitor.


Nancy DeCherney said...

I think you could definitely charge 50¢ more for this upscale burger!

John D. said...

I love the brioche as burger bun idea.