Monday, December 10, 2007

Bubbling over

Sunday afternoon just lends itself well to Champagne somehow. Following the (delightful) Bach Society concert (the Mozart was especially lovely) we had our usual crowd of sparkling wine-drinkers and a few others over for a potluck. John made Greek Chicken with tons of garlic and oregano, and he made some apple sauce to go with the latkes which I made. Someone brought red beans and rice, there was a fabulous salad of spinach, feta, dried fruits, and balsamic vinegar, a wonderful holiday salad of carrots and peppers, a big bowl of bean dip and chips, some date bread, a quiche, oh and an inexplicably enormous pot of rice pilaf, in case an army came through I think, some chocolates and dried cranberries, and a completely decadent chocolate torte (see the cartoon in the headlines to the right). All washed down with Gruet (a delicious sparking wine from New Mexico), Scharffenberger, Gloria Ferrer, Nicolas Feuillatte, and I think I am missing one, but you get the idea.

We gave gifts to the Glacier Valley Arts program, which is raising funds to take their students back to perform at the Kennedy Center and the Smithsonian in honor of their receiving an award for their impressive integration of the arts into the whole school curriculum, also to Hospice, and to the Glory Hole. The holidays are a wonderful time.

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