Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday night dinner

Yesterday, Sunday, was a tidge cold and damp for "the OC, and we had been to parties on Friday and Saturday, so I decided it was time for some comfort food. Also, in my decision making/menu planning was the fact that Chanukah was coming to an end on Tuesday and we had "obligations" tonight and tomorrow ( obligation is defined as a business-associated party that starts at 6 pm in the Pacific Palisades....this is about 40 miles from us,but should roughly take us 3 hours in rush hour in the carpool lane!...but, I'm sure it will be fun!) So, back to dinner...
Chuck loves meat loaf. I make it with ground turkey, sauteed mushrooms,onions and celery,and garlic,pepper, ketchup and a variety of mustards mixed in...sometimes, I add some oatmeal which my Mom used to do and I'm not really sure why...keep it moist perhaps. I like theme food! So,I shaped the meatloaf into a menorah-shape and sauteed some red,yellow and orange pepper strips for candles. I made latkes for an unprecedented 2nd time during the same Holiday and "nuked" some sweet peas. We had Honey Moon Voigner, which is "dang" good, and played a Tom Lehrer CD which included "Chanukah in Santa Monica".
Stay tuned for my Valentine's Day dinner which has always been my personal "fav" in the food theme department, but I am loving this meat loaf menorah!


Ali and Shaz said...

I love the menorah and candles themed meatloaf! Are there pictures?

Nancy DeCherney said...

Me too!
I love meatloaf, are there sandwiches today?

Cuzzin"M" said...

There was a sandwich for favorite way of eating meatloaf.
You know, I didn't think to take a picture.Next time when I make it for Baby Natalie,we'll have her hoding a leek as the match.
So, any thoughts on the oatmeal...?

Nancy DeCherney said...

I think oatmeal is more common in meatloaf than in turkey stuffing, actually. I suspect your family is Scottish in heritage perhaps. My mom always made hers with largish chunks of bread and I found the texture very unpleasant as a child, and for years would not eat meatloaf. Once I realized that you could make the bread smaller, more like crumbs, all better, love the stuff. OK, next one, we try the oatmeal, if you like it must be good.