Sunday, January 20, 2008

Alaskan seafood

We were invited to eat dinner with our friends with the home in Tenakee, always a treat. Fresh prawns. Incredible. Grilled sockeye. Perfectly moist and delicious. Steamed green beans with toasted almonds and mushrooms. Baked yellow squash. Coconut and cranberry bars. Veramonte SB and Oyster Bay SB. Spoils you for the rest of your life for seafood from anywhere else.

We finished with a game:
two teams.
each person thinks up 7 names of well-known people/characters and writes them on little slips of paper and puts them in a hat.
Then the teams take turns having one member of the team pull slips out of the hat and as fast as possible gives hints so that their teammates guess as many of the names as possible in one minute.
After all the names in the hat have been guessed, all the names go back in the hat and the teams take turns doing the same thing, but can only use two words to give the hint.
After all the names have been guessed using two words, names go back in the hat and teams take turns giving one word hints and getting as many as possible in one minute.
The team who has guessed the most names at the end wins.

I think we've all been friends for too long: Marilyn Monroe, Betty Crocker, Hillary Clinton all in the hat multiple times.

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