Wednesday, January 16, 2008

At the wrong meeting

I sure attended the wrong meeting last night...not only didn't we have that yummy-sounding banana dish ( which could easily become Chuck's favorite Birthday dessert, or at least rank up at the very top with creme brulee), I was reduced to eating peanuts,carob-coated raisins and onion dip on toasts. ...all the while discussing painting the building or replacing all the wood trim with stucco...Oh well,at least I was listening to a great audio book during my drive..."Dead Heat" by Dick Francis. Not only is it a great mystery,but Dick Francis was one of my Dad's(alev shalom) favorite authors since he always connects his stories to some aspect of horse racing. It made me smile to think "Bill" was listening with me!

Chuck ,on the other hand, went out for dinner with some clients to a Brazilian BBQ restaurant and loved it. These are becoming quite the rage in the lower 48. Just keep in mind you have to be a meat lover if you go. The waitstaff keeps coming to the table with "slabs" of meat( various cuts of beef,lamb,pork, and chicken)and slices whatever you want and puts it on your plate.You can eat as much or as little as you want. There is an accompaniment bar with salads,pasta,shrimp,etc.
I forgot to ask him about the wine ,but I would bet he ordered an Argentinian bottle of"red"...

Is there room for me on your Board?


Nancy DeCherney said...

I'd love to submit your name to our nominating committee! No carob covered nuts for this crew!

Cuzzin"M" said...