Saturday, January 5, 2008

Late night food

2008 has started off at a dead run for this household! There's been some spaghetti, some eggplant parmesan (officially, the mozzarella cheese from Costco is the WORST. It stays in little shreds instead of becoming luxuriously ooey gooey) and then last night I think the boys had steak. I got home about 10:30 pm after a long day at the arts center: Drank the leftover champagne while making capellini with mushrooms, green onions, green beans with a wine and chevre sauce. Also there was our current house favorite, Veramonte SB.

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Cuzzin "M" said...

Wow! Was I glad to see your posting...I thought you changed the blog address and didn't tell me!
I have never tried the mozzarella at Costco,but I use their shredded
Parmigano Reggianno all the the time , and it is wonderful!