Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Starting the New Year on the right "fork"

Happy New year to all! I'm sorry to have been an absent Blogger for the last few weeks, but I have made my #1 New Year's resolution to be much better at posting...and we all know how successful I am with my annual diet resolution !!
New Year's Eve was spent with dear friends, a standing rib roast, roast rice,baby peas and the most divine chocolate gelato ("JFB") ever tasted(agreed by the 4 of us) served in almond tuille cookie cups which was a twice recurring theme this Holiday season. We started with a triple creme brie, saga blue, and a fois grois pate`. Appetizers were accompanied by a fabulous Tattingers and dinner with a '81 Paulliac. It was a divine evening. The West Coast is a great place for "aldecockers( Yiddush for ChuckBecker) especially on New Years tape the ball dropping at Times Square at 9pm PST and you get to make midnight whenever you get sleepy...
Roast Rice is a recipe of my mom's(alev shalom) and I don't remember if she made it up or got it from a friend, but the last step gives the rice a crunchy yummy texture.Interesting factoid,however, is they trim the meat so closely these days and who knows what they feed these cows, I'm finding it difficult to get enough fat and jus to make this dish. I'm happy to send the recipe if anyone is interested.
New Years Day is always one my favorite days of the year...I spend it clearing the house of all sugar and calorie laden treats that have been bestowed upon us during the season. I do this by layering them onto my hips where they have lived for years( yes, despite my repeated resolutions). What a tasty day!
We still have some roast beef , so I suspect I will make roast beef hash (Thanks, Hunter) for dinner tonight. Hash is one of Chuck's favorite dishes.

Christmas Day/dinner we spent with friends in Redondo. Brian made an incredible Osso Buco, and I mention it because I was thinking about Aunt Grace(alev shalom) because if I remember correctly that was one of her "favs"...I toasted her anyway even if I don't remember correctly.
And, you know I don't remember what wine we drank...such a shonda on John and Nancy's Blog...We have spent the last 8 or 9 Christmas dinners with these friends and the drill is Brian cooks dinner, we bring the wine and dessert. This year I made the aforementioned cookie cups
and filled them with the most unbelievable Caramel gelato...again agreed by all.

The time in between was filled with the most delicious Strawberry gelato , Pistachio gelato and Black Rasberry would not believe the intensity of flavor this dessert possessed.
I think I cooked some food to go with it but it hardly seems important.

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