Sunday, January 6, 2008

Week-end eats

Saturday evening we went to visit some friends and Joy decided to make dinner at home...her favorite dish to cook and Chuck's to eat....Steak and Kidney pie. Joy is British and her husband, Dick, is Scottish. Her pie is pretty darn good and I'm not a big fan of the pie. We brought a 1978 Ch. Figeac to "wash it down". Dessert was a proper and "bloody good" English Trifle.

Tonight is very damp and yucky by southern CA standards so I made mushroom barley soup which warmed the "cockles of our hear"( I most likely wouldn't be a big fan of those in pie either), and an interesting chicken concoction. I beat eggs with pepper and mustard and coated the chicken then dipped it in a mixture of breadcrumbs and shredded parmesan and baked it in a 375 oven....somewhat similar to the John-Nancy chicken previously discussed but with the addition of a tasty hearty mustard. Quite kgood and the chicken stayed juicy. Diet ginger ale and soy sauce roasted asparagus and we're good to go!
Happy week everyone...

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