Monday, January 21, 2008

Meat-y Week-end

We had a pretty boring ...BUT HEALTHY" few days last week so I didn't want bore anyone, but I decided to kick it into gear over the week-end.

Friday was french(ed) racks of lamb with a honey mustard glaze and soy-sauce baked asparagus. We drank a 1975 St. Emilion.....yummy. I had first opened a 1991 Pinot that we believe, after our first sip, should have been consumed a few years ago. We had unexpected company and a lovely evening.

Saturday was a veal roast with figs from a recipe I found on The recipe called for fresh figs which I could not find, so I used dried ones. It was very good, but I think fresh figs would have made it very very good. We were planning on drinking a red with it,but as I got into the recipe, I realized I needed a small amout of white wine. I opened a 2004 Fess Parker Chardonnay ( which I had in the fridge*), tasted it,decided it was quite good,put it in the roast, and then we finished the bottle with dinner. We had parmesan couscous with it. I couldn't decide on a vegetable taste to go with figs.

Sunday ,we met some friends for brunch who had a layover at LAX on their to way to New Zealand and Austrailia. They, all , had Eggs Benedict, but I had blueberry cream cheese stuffed french toast. Dinner had to be light so I picked up tuna sashimi at Bristol Farms and made a small salad and the rest of the couscous.

It's back to boring for a few days...
* I am definitely going to start writing the names of the people who give us wine on the bottle label.

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