Monday, January 28, 2008

Yum! Yuck! Gross! Yum!

First of all, we had a wonderful dinner with Thad and Lynn: a rice pilaf they call Jambalaya made with peppers and Andouille sausage but no shellfish, and let me tell you it was totally satisfying, and especially good today for lunch. Especially with the Nicolas Feuillete aperatif. Accompanied by a delicious green salad and Thad's excellent chocolate chip cookies ever so slightly warmed in the microwave. I thought the stack of cookies on the plate was way too many, but no! Home to bed through the 0F temperature and slept well.

It turns out that our friend who shall go nameless came in SECOND in the Robbie Burns Haggis eating contest eating by eating 40 portions. The winner ate 51....

And another good friend tells us she is expecting a house guest for the weekend who is on a vegan purging diet. I don't EVEN want to know the details of this.

And John just made the best breaded cod for dinner, with fresh steamed carrots and bok choy, oven roasted potatoes, gorgonzola dressed green salad, kiwi and Cripps apples. A little Veramonte, but not too much, have to meet the airplane with the Moscow Circus on it tonight! There is nothing better than fresh fish.

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Hunter said...

Actually nameless came in third. I lost to a 17-year old Highland Dancer who wolfed down 45 helpings of haggis.
Pretty good. She looked a might peak'ed when she was done, but she was a scarfing the haggis very determinedly.
And just about a half-hour later danced a five minute sword dance. Which is far more aerobic activity than nameless was up for.
The haggis was the appetizer, we had whole baked winter king, tatties and neeps, fresh bread, and a chocolate trifle for dessert.
Much piping, singing, and Burns poetry delivered in atrocious Scots accents.