Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Rainy Night in LALA

I guess I'm a full-fledged "LALA-in "... I'm determined not to go out in the rain unless it is a true emergency, so dinner had to be made from something in the house. In the morning, I anticipated the day's weather so I defrosted 2 cute little Cornish game Hens. When it was time to cook them, I basted them with melted butter and raspberry jam ( after the white pepper,etc). I usually use a dark cherry juice to baste and make a sauce with the dark cherries but I didn't have them in the house....HELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO, it's raining, so I made do with the jam and they were very tasty. Parmesan couscous and white asparagus completed the plate. I opened what I thought would be a good wine for this dish...a Woodbridge Zin,but this bottle was over the hill.
For dessert, we had some delicious pears that someone sent us...we thought of J & N who seem to eat a lot of fruit for dessert...and wondered why!


Nancy DeCherney said...

I never thought of having spargel in the house as emergency provisions! What a good idea!

Cuzzin"M" said...

I will probably be sorry that I am asking this question, but(it won't be the first time), what is "spargel", and do I have it in our house?

Nancy DeCherney said...

white asparagus